Enjoy the sleep you deserve

Crafted to give excellent support and personalized comfort the mattresses in our Britannia, Lux and Inspire ranges give you outstanding comfort night after night.

Britannia range

The Champagne Alexandra 2000 Britannia Bed Set and the Alexandra Britannia Bed Set are paired with the Handmade Britannia Alexandra mattress - a truly sumptuous option. Crafted from 2,000 individual pocket springs, this mattress offers perfectly balanced, medium-firm, full body support. Complete with a soft woven damask cover, the mattress is hand tufted with three rows of side stitching to ensure all supportive springs remain in place for long-lasting performance.


With the Nickel Metal Benjamin Victoria Bed Set and the Victoria Wool 2000 Divan Set you can relax and enjoy the medium-firm Britannia Victoria Hand Made Mattress. The 2,000 individual pocket springs work with your body for outstanding support. Filled with layers of the finest fleece wool and finished with a soft woven damask cover, the mattress is hand tufted with three rows of hand side stitching - a premium mattress.


The elegant Bennetts Samuel Twin Bed Set and the Samuel Zip&Link Sprung Divan Bed set are paired with the the Handmade Britannia Samuel Zip&Link mattress. Made from cotton this is the perfect mattress if you are looking for natural comfort. Nestled underneath are 2,000 individual pocket springs - each designed to react and move independently - contouring to your unique shape. Rated medium-firm this is perfect if you like a slightly firmer feel. The mattress is side stitched and expertly hand tufted.

Enhance the comfort of your mattress with the Britannia Tufted Mattress Topper. Exclusively handmade for Bennetts Bedrooms this topper has been specifically made for comfort and luxury. Its fully breathable natural fillings give you a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.

Lux Range

Our Lux Range provides the perfect balance of plush comfort and sturdy support. The Britannia Lawley 1500 Bed Set paired with the Handmade Britannia Lawley mattress provides everything you need for the best night’s sleep each and every night. The supportive base of 1,500 individual pocket springs work independently to support you where you need it. Rated medium this mattress is a great choice if you're looking for a good balance of comfort and support. The 100% cotton filling, hand tufted top and panel side stitching make this mattress a superior option.

Inspire Range

Finally, our Inspire Range. The Britannia Shakespeare Bed Set hand made in the UK and the Shakespeare 3500 Britannia Bed Set are coupled with the Britannia Shakespeare 3500 mattress featuring 3,500 pocket springs, wool, fine silk and cashmere for the most luxurious sleep - ever!

Blended with quality silk for a truly decadent feel the luxury sprung pillow top of this mattress offers incredible comfort and support. The pocket sprung base provides high levels of body support. Each of the 3,500 pocket springs work independently, so you'll get personalized support that's just right for you. Hand tufted with side stitching the mattress has carefully placed air vents allowing it to breathe and prolong its longevity.