Multifunctional furniture is now comfier than ever

Living full time in the Algarve or owning a second home or holiday property here is amazing. We are lucky enough to be able to relax and savour the 300 days of sunshine a year, the beautiful beaches, fantastic food - and of course we can also enjoy those precious moments with the friends and family who love to visit every so often.

But what happens if you don’t have enough space for everyone? How often have you got off the phone ecstatic to be welcoming your family and friends for a two week holiday in the sun, only to realize that there is only enough space for two thirds of the group? Before you try and decide if little Danny and Sarah will be ok in sleeping bags on the sofa, why not consider another alternative - a sofa bed.

Obviously the good old traditional bed is always the best option for holidaying friends and family, but with increasing financial and spatial restrictions on many of our lives, there is more demand than ever for multifunctional furniture.

Better than a standard sofa

A sofa bed is a practical addition to any living space, be it an apartment overlooking the marina or a villa in the hills, a sofa bed offers a comfortable place for guests to sleep as well as for you to sit and relax when it isn’t in use. Thankfully long gone are the days of having to make do with either an uncomfortable sofa or an uncomfortable bed. Thanks to modern technology and a larger focus on comfort, the market is full of sofa beds worth the investment.

No compromising on comfort

Furniture designers and manufacturers have poured over every detail to ensure optimum comfort. You can have a modern sofa without sacrificing feather-filled cushions and comfortable padding and, your main living room sofa can easily have an integrated bed without it being obvious to the sitter.


When you are thinking about purchasing a sofa bed for your villa, townhouse or apartment, make sure you consider these tips.

  • Does it open and close easily? If you can’t get the hang of opening and closing your sofa bed in the store, setting it up at home is always going to be a nightmare. Your mattress should fold out in one smooth motion and have a locking bar to secure its position. Squeaks, sticking, or wobbly parts are all red flags.
  • Are the edges smooth? Rough or sharp edges could snag, causing the fabric on your sofa bed—or your mattress’s sheets or blankets—to rip.
  • Can you test it out? Just like shopping for a regular bed or mattress, you need to be able to lie on your sofa bed to make sure it feels good.
  • Is the mattress a standard size? If the mattress isn’t a standard twin, double, queen or king, you’re guaranteed to drive yourself crazy trying to find a fitted sheet.

If you are looking for a sofa bed come and see us at Bennetts Bedrooms as we have the solution for you.