To topper or not to topper, that is the question

You are now the proud owner of your perfect mattress - the number one requirement when it comes to sleeping comfortably - your bed frame, headboard and bedding are pride of place in your bedroom, what more do you need? An important component that goes completely unseen that you should consider is a mattress topper.

What is a topper?  

As the name suggests it is a removable layer that sits on top of your mattress, providing cushioning and support. Before we go any further, don’t get confused between mattress toppers and protectors. Protectors are thin layers of material made to protect the mattress from moisture, dust mites and bacteria. Toppers provide protection and comfort. The best plan - use both. Place the protector over the topper to help hold it in place and to protect it.

What are the benefits?

Even your perfect mattress can't last forever, over time they can lose support. A topper won’t restore your mattress to its glory days, but it can increase comfort and extend the life of your sleeping supporter allowing extra time before you need to purchase a new mattress. Also, If your new mattress is a tad too firm, a soft mattress topper will act as a cushion. Toppers can relieve pressure on joints, providing relief to those with arthritis and can help regulate body temperature.

Which is the best?

Choosing the best one for your needs can be confusing, and as toppers can be expensive, you want to ensure it is money well spent. The most common topper materials are:

Latex - This provides a lot of support, but may not be ideal for those who prefer a softer bed or with an allergy to latex.


Memory Foam - These popular toppers provide excellent cushioning and support.

Wool - A comfortable solution if you want extra cushioning that doesn’t hold body heat. Unlikely to help if your goal is support for issues such as arthritis.

In answer to the question to topper or not to topper, we say topper!

It’s a small investment with big returns when it comes to catching a good night’s sleep. 

Check out our range of toppers here, or come into our stores and try them for yourself.