It’s time to de-stress and get some sleep

É hora de relaxar e dormir um pouco

2020 is a year many will want to forget, so it is no surprise that our stress levels have gone through the roof.

Here at Bennetts Bedrooms we have some of the most comfortable beds you will ever try, but if you are stressed out all that worry and angst doesn’t just magically dissipate the moment you climb into bed – however comfortable that bed may be.  

You have invested time and money into finding just the right mattress and bed combination to suit your needs, so why not invest time in creating the perfect routine to de-stress before bed. Imagine being able to turn off the stresses and strains of the day and finally drift off to a deep sleep in your dream bed.

It’s time to de-stress and get some sleep

If you don’t allow yourself time to reset, the following day will likely be a bad day and on and on the vicious cycle will go.

Below are some tips to help you relax – give them a go even if you think you’ve tried every trick in the book.

 If your mind is racing with everything you have to do sit down and put it all on paper. Creating a to-do list of what you want to accomplish for the next few days will allow your mind to relax, at least until the morning. While you are getting everything down on paper try sipping some chamomile tea – as far as nighttime rituals go, few are as relaxing as this. It’s extremely calming so make a cuppa, sit down, and let it work its magic.

 Even if you’re more of a shower person, add a nightly bath to your routine. Having a good soak helps to release physical stress – add some calming bubble bath, a couple of candles and relaxing music into the mix and you have yourself a truly stress-free half hour. And, following your long soak what can be better than getting into crisp clean sheets?

 Now here is the big one – limit the amount of time you’re staring into a screen. This is a tough one, in todays modern world we are either scrolling, swiping, liking or tweeting – stop. Ideally an hour or so before you want to drop off into the land of nod, close the laptop down, put away your phone and stop surfing the net.

Once you figure out what works for you, be sure to stick with it. Creating a routine that you use each night will help you mentally prepare for bed. Finding a consistent time to start getting ready for bed will trigger your mind to begin to relax and once that happens, you’ll be able to forget the day, relax, and actually get a great night’s sleep.

We have new beds and mattresses arriving at our stores all the time to continue to provide you with the choice you need.

Recent additions are our Britannia Lawley 1,500 classic style hand made in the UK designed to offer support and a great nights sleep and the Blake mattress made up of 2,000 pocket springs, natural fillings and memory foam.

Come over and see what options we have for you.

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