It’s what’s inside that counts

É o interior que importa

There are many factors to consider when buying a mattress – size, make, price – but it’s what’s inside that is really going to make the difference between a good night’s sleep and an amazing night’s sleep. What exactly is in a mattress that makes it so comfy? Why does the filling make such a difference?

The mattress filling determines the level of support and firmness of the mattress. It can also help promote or prevent airflow, increase or decrease sleeping temperature, and will also determine how long your new mattress lasts before it starts to lose its shape. 

Let’s look at the mattress fillings available at Bennetts Bedrooms.

1.Sprung Mattresses

Sprung mattresses come in two forms: pocket sprung and open coil sprung. Pocket sprung mattresses have individually nested pocket springs which isolate movement, coil sprung mattresses are joined together in a traditional design.

Sprung mattresses are great for allowing airflow, which keeps the mattress cool, dry and prolongs its life and they can be filled with natural or synthetic materials. Natural fillings are breathable and absorb moisture, synthetic ones have great cushioning properties. 

Whatever type of filling you choose it will generally compress and settle over time. This process allows your mattress to adapt to the shape of your body.

2.Foam Mattresses

If you want durability go for foam. Foam mattresses offer exceptional comfort and support as they are designed to conform to your body type. Memory Foam is the most common type of foam filling but there are others. 

  • Latex Foam mattresses ensure an even distribution of firmness, ideal for extra body support for orthopedic healing. Latex is a very elastic material and is ideal as the top layer because it quickly returns to its original shape. It also adapts to your body, which provides exceptional levels of support while you sleep.
  • Gel Foam mattresses help regulate temperature and are known to provide a cooler, more pleasant sleeping space.

3.Natural Materials

Natural mattresses fillings use natural fibers which are free from allergens, are hardwearing, and will retain their shape and structure for longer than foam and some other synthetic fillings. Some of the most common natural fillings include:

  • Cotton – cotton is naturally resistant to dust mites while being incredibly durable and breathable. 
  • Wool – wool holds air between the fibers, which means that it works as a highly effective insulator. It is also naturally water resistant, which is important considering it is estimated we lose half a pint of bodily fluid during the night. Wool is typically used to encase other materials, providing padding around less soft materials.
  • Cashmere – cashmere has some similar properties to wool, but is softer and finer and it offers a more luxurious feel when used in a mattress.
  • Silk – Silk is a luxurious and soft material and is especially beneficial for those that like a cooler sleeping environment. 

Whatever your needs Bennetts Bedrooms has the mattress for you. Come into our stores and we will guide you through the best option for your sleeping style.

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